My name is Blake Meike.  I’m an Android developer in the Pacific Northwest

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  1. Tyler Chesley says:


    I’ve been developing Android for a little over a year now. I picked up your book the other day and I’m really enjoying it. I wanted to ask you a couple questions regarding chapter 13. I’ve started using RESTful ContentProvider pattern recently. It works very well for retrieving data but I’m tripped up a little on how to use it for inserting, updating, deleting data. The other hard problem I’ve found is communicating errors back to the view. Here’s an example for you that I’m currently working on. In this application the user can create a new account from the application. Currently, I’m handling all the communication from the activity because I’m not sure how to communicate error messages back to the activity from a content provider, e.g. if the username is already taken. Should I even try to do this from a content provider? I guess one way around it would be to separate API call to validate account before submitting it to the content provider. Anyway, I wanted to get your thoughts on it.


    • bmeike says:

      I haven’t worked the specific use-case you describe, but the general idea is to use the CP a a look-aside cache. You don’t want it to filter your interactions with the network — just to cache recent answers.

      I am working through the insert/update issues, right now, for the next edition of Programming Android, that should be out pretty soon. Let me see if I can’t kill two birds with one stone: catch up with the blog a bit, and get some of what I’m discovering up here. Watch this space…

  2. Todd says:

    I’m having trouble getting the example code in Chapter 12 of “Programming Android” to compile. I did read the directions on how to set up the project with the “FinchFramework” but I’m new to Android and Java and so I’m completely confused. I need more step-by-step instructions on how to configure the project. The instructions give instructions that assume a higher level of understanding of Eclipse and Java in general. Could you please point me towards a step-by-step instruction set? Screen shots wouldn’t hurt either.

    By the way: love the book. I’m learning a ton.

    • bmeike says:

      I’m sure you can understand that this book is about Android. We couldn’t possibly expand it to address even most of Java or Eclipse! I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll contact you off line. If you are bumping up against a specific problem, I might be able to help. … and if you produce a step-by-step instruction set, I’ll totally add it to the repo!

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